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Prof. Dr. Burkhard Schwenker
Former Chief Executive Officer,
Roland Berger


Best of European Business Awards

Corporate managers today must meet tougher demands than ever before. Risk and insecurity have been joined by uncertainty, and the result is compound complexity. We often don't know what might happen, or how likely it is. That's why successful companies break free of traditional ways of thinking – and Europe boasts many prominent examples of such winning players. They develop new strategy and planning concepts with courage and creativity, and are able to translate them into new growth. Growth means dynamism, innovation, change. Successful companies embrace and master this change. To do so, they need a sound strategic core and good management. These exemplary companies and their managers are recognized in our pan-European "Best of European Business" competition, which has been in a class by itself since 2005.

Our goal is to highlight uniquely European management role models and spark a discussion about Europe's strengths and prospects. We are convinced that Europe's companies have a lot to offer in terms of reshaping global business. We especially wish to highlight our industrial expertise, which ensures our long-term success in a globalized world.

It therefore makes sense this year to focus on Italy, the third largest economy in the eurozone. Italy is a core country and engine of Europe, closely tied to and interlinked with Germany. It has always leveraged its industrial strengths to great success. Right now, labor market and tax reforms in Italy are beginning to have an effect, and new orders in industry justify confidence that growth and stability will return.

To spotlight companies that drive this upturn, we are honoring a top manager who has made an admirable contribution to German-Italian economic relations. We are also recognizing two German companies for their profitable growth. Returns must be in excess of the cost of capital to add value and contribute to sustainable success. That's why profitable growth is so important: tapping new profitable markets or making overall business more profitable through scale.

This website will offer you a comprehensive look at the "Best of European Business" competition and its award winners.

Prof. Dr. Burkhard Schwenker, Former CEO

Führungstreffen Wirtschaft 2013

Führungstreffen Wirtschaft 2013

Das Führungstreffen der Süddeutschen Zeitung zum Motto 2013:
"Strategien für mehr Wachstum"


Follow up: 2012

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